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Are you a business leader who feels overwhelmed due to a lack of working knowledge of todays technologies? Don't have time to learn it all? Then ClearCTO is for you. Through ClearCTO you will become more confident in your decisions, you will save money, and you will discover the strategies that build growth for you and your company.

Does any of the following sound like YOU

If so, you will gain a clear and immediate advantage with ClearCTO.

Struggling with the execution of ideas?

You have solid ideas and vision but you struggle with putting them into execution.

Pressured to execute but feel lost?

You feel increasingly pressured to increase your resources but don't have the technical experience to hire well.

Overwhelmed by technology services and providers?

You know you need to implement solutions and services to support the business but unsure which options are best.

Alone in making critical business decisions?

You face all the hard decisions and don't have access to technical advice you can trust.

Overspent on unreliable resources?

You took on the task of hiring and managing your technical project and found resources unreliable and delivery was far less than desired.

Overworked because you take on everything yourself?

You take on every major project yourself leaving you overworked, uninspired, and stressed.

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Designed for non-technical business leaders who need access to a technical partner to help them make sense of the technology available.

"Knowing I can reach out day or night and get the guidance I need, no matter how big or small...the peace of mind more than pays for it! I have my geniuses!"


Naomi Friedman, Founder

Working with inspiring and innovative founders is our passion! No one exemplifies this stronger than Naomi Friedman. Hailed as New York's own "Angel of Mercy," Naomi re-invented the concept of medical house calls over 10 years ago with Sickday Medical House Calls. Since then, Naomi has led the most respected and recognized name in medical house calls and continues to strive to innovate in the market. Naomi is truly inspiring and a exemplar of caring, strength, and perseverance.

Word On The Street

Naomi F.
Founder, Sickday Medical House Calls

I can't express enough how much I've grown to trust [ClearCTO] across all things - digital marketing, sales, technology. I only wish I found Jose and his team sooner; we'd be much better off today!

Tara S.
Founder/CEO, Westyn Baby

...very knowledgeable...I would highly recommend...

Lindsey J.
Founder / CEO,

Great Experience!

Gannon C.
CEO / Founder, Millenium Machinery

The creative and technical advantages we gain can not be measured...a true secret weapon!

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ClearCTO is a done-with-you community who's passion is in bringing peace of mind and creating growth for busy business leaders. We help you do more with what you have.

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